St. Mary’s is a blessed community! Because of the generosity of many people, we have a variety of flourishing ministries and opportunities to reach out to others. From teaching in our religious education programs to helping with the bus ministry, from serving as lectors at Mass to bringing communion to the homebound, many people are involved in carrying out the work of the Church.

Everyone is invited to give how they can, according to how they feel the call of the Spirit. Whether it be through the ministries of the Mass, or the ministry of cooking, or the ministry of outreach, each of us can give of our time and our talents so that our community can thrive and succeed in reaching out to a world in need of hope. More information about St. Mary’s ministries, and the time commitment involved, is available.

Each Fall, to encourage involvement and foster reflection, the Liturgy Committee prepares a time and talent sheet that all parishioners are invited to fill out.

ŕ Liturgical Minister 2012-13 Schedule

ŕ Liturgical Guidelines to be posted soon


Because of the generosity of the People of God, we have our buildings and can support our clergy and pay our staff. But our tithing (the sharing of our treasure) does more than simply keep the lights on.


Our sacrificial giving to the Church (as well as to the poor!) allows us as Body to reach out to those in need in our community and to be creative in engaging in faith formation.


We need your support, and the support of everyone in this parish.


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Time & Talent

We need your time & your talents...

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