Committee Members

Tina Anderson, Music Director

Steve Beyerlein, Parish Pastoral Liaison

Marie Kleffner, Sacristan Coordinator

Betsy Johnson, Altar Server Coordinator

Roxanne Klas, Arts and Environment

Roxanne Ruck, Arts and Environment

Christine Meyer,  Chair

                          Eucharistic Minister Coordinator

Kevin Moen, Lector Coordinator

Clara Reisenauer, Hospitality Coordinator

Fr. Joseph McDonald, Pastor

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Liturgy Committee, Moscow

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 The Liturgy Committee meets monthly on the first Tuesday at 6:15 pm,

        and our efficient meetings rarely go over an hour.

St. Mary's Catholic Community                         Moscow & Genesee, ID

Fr. Joseph F. McDonald, III JCL, Pastor

Deacon George Canney

Deacon Ray Daigh