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Each of us are invited by our God to share of what we are given. Everything we have and are is a gift from our heavenly Father, and we discover our destiny and the deepest meaning of our lives when we return an abundance unto the Lord. We are called to be stewards of God’s gifts.

Please remember the parish. To fulfill our mission to be Church in the midst of the world, we need your support.


In our increasingly digital world, we also are now offering electronic giving. This can be set up as a direct debit by contacting the office, or you can set it up yourself online by following the link below, and selecting our parish.


There are many ways to give, and if you would like to receive envelopes, please contact the parish office, at or 882-4813

St. Mary's Catholic Community                         Moscow & Genesee, ID

Fr. Joseph F. McDonald, III JCL, Pastor

Deacon George Canney

Deacon Ray Daigh