Pamela Freeman

Pamela Freeman grew up in Moscow, and was baptized at St. Mary’s Church at the age of 27 days old.  She grew up in the parish, and attended St. Rose’s Kindergarten and St. Mary’s School, where she learned a number of academic and spiritual things that would heavily influence her later in life.  In Junior High and High School, she participated in the St. Mary’s Youth Group on a weekly basis, where she and a close-knit group of Catholic friends explored and developed their faith as they transitioned from childhood to young adulthood.  Her love for Christ and recognition of the importance of continual guidance in the Faith for young people drove her to volunteer with the Confirmation Prep program for four years while she earned her B.S.Ed. at the University of Idaho. 

After living in Spokane for several years, Pam moved back to Moscow to renew her work at St. Mary’s in a new capacity—as Parish Secretary.  Pam has found the breadth and depth of opportunities to serve God and His Church in new ways in this position very exciting.  Pam’s secondary calling comes in the form of part-time work with a company that helps families avoid common financial pitfalls and get out of the pitfalls they have already encountered.  In providing custom holistic financial solutions to her clients, Pam helps families build the futures they have always wanted for themselves and their children.

Pam’s family includes her parents, Dale and Sally, who have been parishioners at St. Mary’s since before she was born; her older sister, Valerie; Val’s long-time boyfriend, Mark; her younger sister, Haley; and Haley’s husband, Caleb.  In her free time, Pam enjoys swing, ballroom, and Latin dance; playing with her dog, Buddy; visiting with family and friends; and dabbling (occasionally) with needlepoint, sculpting, writing, making dream catchers, and trying out new art projects.  She loves meeting new people, and thoroughly enjoys receiving visitors in her office at work.

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